Creating imagery from experiments.

This shoot focuses on my first set of collages that were made looking at the domesticity and fantasy of normality in particular the comforts of furniture that surround us. This shoot uses the colours of green and red to portray the idea of nature for green and the object of danger or uneasiness of life. I used my experiments with painting and printing to curate  the colours coming together as one. The process of painting was comforting to my own mental health whilst also it brings a story into the shoot that audiences can focus on while making their own emotional observations. It looks at fantasy as it is portraying  a kind of a pantomime version of the mundane. In relation to my work and overall project values I think the shoot holds the right concepts but im not to sure on the overall message and it may be hard for non creatives to understand, that's why I am finding it hard to do my work that is important to me whilst also creating a clear message. As I want my work to send a message of creativity but also depth, going forward I would like to show the shoots to different groups to understand a variety of opinions.

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