Progression of Ideas/ Concepts.

Fantasy and Existentialism  - Fantasy can project the ideas of imagination, this can be through grotesque ideologies or through dreams and the roles of dystopian futures. Within my work fantasy plays the role of being a critical outlet of personality and escapism due to the role of growing existentialism  fear - this escapism can be realistic coming from the mundane taking things and creating a smaller world within that idea. I will be able to use fantasy to allow the audience to understand the dream like state of the world we inhabit I will do this by creating sets that use imagination with both surreal and realist ideas.

Comfort- Comfort is a critical concept within my work it highlights not just my own comforts but the comforts of the role of human interaction and overall comfort of life. it can be simple comforts like a comfortable chair or a unmade bed the role of comfort within my work is important because my work looks at the role of the mundane and the attitude we have towards it before and after covid. I will be able to portray this through using furniture and clothes in particular layered styling to portray the deepness of comfortability its develops the role of mental health in terms of dealing with emotion - this will be through styling set design and film. 

Mundanity - Mundanity goes hand in hand with comfort which then progresses on to fantasy as I am using the key concepts of the ordinary to portray a heightened ideology of life. In effect its adding mystery to life which can help relieve worries and world issues. The mundane over the past two years has often surrounded us with the pandemic and its the thing that we have met everyday in lockdown- I was able to see creativity and escape within this to turn it in to a fantasy and how it connects with colour, mood and comfort. 

Therapy- My work focuses on mental health and in particular existentialism as I have a OCD diagnosis which causes me to focus on morality - which was caused by Corona virus. Existentialism is questioning the role of the universe and your individual role. This is where fantasy plays a role within my work as my dreams and ideas can be explicit - it can form both non comfort and comfort in the ways of not being able to escape but still escaping in imagination, which is important to portray in relation to young peoples mental health. Therapy is part of my work as I want myself and the audience to look at the image and feel a sentiment of escapism within the real world- and how we can see things in a different way even if it is mundane or ordinary. Its about looking into worlds that in reality have been made up from isolation.

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