Visual distortions through honest truths: My MA.

Why am I here, my proposal and my goal...I am a fashion image making graduate that has explored many practices within my work, including set design, photography and unique styling. Throughout my third year It became clear that set design was a strong practice within my own progression alongside the role of changes within the arts and fashion industry - and the impact it has on the work produced in the 21st century.

Alongside physically creative revelations, I found a force behind my concepts. These ideas fluctuated within different themes, for example for my final major project I looked at the role of my bedroom and analysed corners of my space to different aspects of my conscious mind and essential characteristics. From this I developed important concepts that included mental health and sexuality. As a young person in this 21st century, I want my work to challenge the idea of fashion and how things can be warped.

From my practice I have been able to grow closer to sustainability and the ethos of being both creative and sustainable. For me it started with  having no money as a student. I would create shoots with charity shop finds. My work focused on dealing and reacting to the social cultural, ecological and government systems; however, it is moulded by my own theories being a young person in this time and how my personality fits in within the art and fashion world. I dig deep into the world of both art and fashion because their science is strong and compatible with each theory I curate.

What does Fashion Innovation and Realisation mean to me? 
Innovation: Something new
Realisation: A change and a key understanding of that.

A passion of yours that you want people to learn about this could be through art, fashion, politics It can be a concept that not only changes your perception of reality but also the eviroment you surrond yourself in. It can be about education and interaction.Creatively  moulding ideas to start to change certain aspects of the industry.

My MA will allow me to grow closer with the things that matter within the outer world of my own space, I will be able to look at ideas that I am truly passionate about including mental health, politics and sustainability. I want to be able to show people a different side of mental health in a way that is highlighting the prospect of being alive and how life can be a fantasy within the mundane.

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